November 29, 2023

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Shela Unveils “Hatrick” Handmade Sunshades

By on February 11, 2023 0 83 Views

Walking in the Scotching sun of Lamu’s Bed of touristic destination-Shela, you will meet locals in their daily routines trying to make that work done under the intense sunlight all around the calendar year. The intense sunlight can be a bother. The only way to cope is by wearing a hat. If you don’t have one – well, just make it!

In what started as a person trying to make a hat from available resources has now become a point of attraction that pulls hundreds of both local and international tourist to Lamu’s Shela Beach.

The colourful contest brings together hat makers who collect raw materials from the beach.

For tourists, it is an opportunity to witness the “mad hats” as it is referred by residents due to the hats appearances.

The hats comes in the shapes of Sharks, boat and birds. Most of them are Collected from plastics along the beach.

File: The incoming Lamu Hats Competition That attracts Both Local And International Tourists in Lamu. Photo Courtesy.

This year, the winner will take home a sum of Kshs. 100,000 while the second will 80,000, third winner 60,000, Fourth 50,000 and other prizes. The Judges of this event are expected to estimate the artistic talent and quality of creativity unique and stylish.

On the hands artists are expected to design hats from used materials from all over.

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