November 29, 2023

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BodaBodas Vows To End GBV in Meru

By on March 10, 2023 0 116 Views

The National government through the office of Meru county commissioner together with non-governmental organizations from the county are now involving men, especially bodaboda operators from the county to spread the gospel of fighting gender based violence in Meru County.

Speaking in Makutano shopping centre within Meru town today Fatuma Abdi, an assistant county commissioner in the office of Meru County commissioner, said as national government and NGOs within the county they have been holding several forums to sensitise the residents on the effects of gender based violence and sexual abuse.

She said they have thought it wise to involve the bodaboda operators in fighting the menace which is rampant in the county by holding various forms and educating them the effects of GBV and sexual abuse so that they can disseminate the same information to the rest of men.

Inua Mama Mjane CEO Silvia Kinanu an NGO which deals with gender based violence, cases of GBV and sexual abuse in Meru county have been increasing day by day and that they felt it necessary to involve bodaboda operators in a campaign to fight the vice.

Kinanu said the bodaboda operators are at the front line whenever a case of GBV is reported as they are the first people to get at the scene and that some of them have been reported taking part as victims of GBV and sexual abuse, hence need to involve them in the fight campaign.

She said the forums will continue so that most of the men in the county can be enlightened on the effects of being the victims of GBV and sexual abuse.

She appealed to the society especially parents to come back home by ensuring that their children are safe rather than leaving the child care roll to house care givers adding that most of the perpetrators of GBV and sexual abuse are people known to sufferer of the act maybe because he is a relative.

Pius Gitonga a bodaboda operator from Meru town and who was among the bodaboda operators who attended the forum said, they were happy to be brought on board in such a forum as many of them have been victimised of participating in GBV and sexual abuse to women and girls.

Gitonga said as bodaboda operators they are now ambassadors of preaching the gospel to fight GBV and sexual abuse and called upon the government both national and county government to enlighten and empower boy child too just the way girl child has been empowered so that these GBV and sexual abuse can be minimised if not eradicated completely.

Meru County has rampant cases of GBV and sexual abuse including early pregnancy, FGM, rapes and defilement among other especially in areas of Tigania and Igembe region.

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